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Early+Late Season Flower Share--DELIVERY

Early+Late Season Flower Share--DELIVERY


Both Early and Late Season Flower Shares delivered to your house or business! This is two 8-week sessions (May 21-July 9 & July 23 - Sept 10) for a total of 16 bouquets. We deliver to Canton, Wee-Ma-Tuk, Cuba, St David, Bryant, Lewistown, Waterford & Havana! Enjoy a weekly bouquet of ever-changing flowers throughout our peak season. This is a great option for a gift from afar or if you require delivery.


    You pay now and get a weekly bouquet of mixed flowers grown on the farm throughout peak growing season (late May - mid September). Bouquets will be delivered to a home or business in between Canton & Havana and all the towns between (both Cuba way and St David way) on TUESDAYS. Please leave a vase out or your bouquet will be left in some type of vessel.


    Your 16 bouquets will be composed of thoughtfully selected varieties developed for specialty cutflower production, with some textural elements foraged from the area. 20-30 stems/bouq.


    If you're gone on delivery day (Tuesday), you can tell a friend to go pick it up from your house or make other arrangements with me. No refunds.

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