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Black Sheep Farm is a working flower farm perched on the bluffs of the Illinois River. Beyond growing high quality, chemical-free cut flowers, we provide camping accommodations for people who enjoy being immersed in nature. Surrounded by flower fields, with a beautiful view of restored prairies and wetlands, our guests are welcome to explore the natural beauty and rich history of the Spoon River Valley.

Ben has been landscaping, gardening, and growing organic vegetables and cut flowers in various parts of the country for over 20 years. He has been developing and growing on this land for the past 6 years, refining his offerings to reflect the place as it progresses through the seasons, while developing practices for stewarding the land, including regular mowing, burning, and removal of invasive species. His passion for nature has caused him to feel right at home on these beautiful bluffs.

Dennis Monn, a native of Lewistown, is in charge of the camping operations on the farm. He provides rustic and thoughtful accommodations for visitors of this peaceful river valley that his family has called home for over a hundred years. Since returning home, he has rekindled his passion for ceramics, creating floral vessels using ancient decorating techniques and clay dug from the land. He loves to host special events out at the land, including U-picks, which start in August.


May 7, 2023

I have some wonderful friends in town, helping with a big planting push before Market and Flower Shares begin. It's been beautiful weather, plenty of rain, lots of laughter, good food and hard work. Leaning on the help of buddies to enter the season caught up and in full gear feels like such a blessing. We harvested the first flower buckets yesterday, gorgeous irises, peonies and sweet rocket for Mother's Day. Check out the webstore to order an arrangement for your mom, or to sign up for our Flower Shares, 8 or 16 weeks of bouquets throughout the growing season starting late May. Delivery available to Canton, Lewistown and Havana (incl Cuba, WeeMaTuk & St David). So excited to see all my Peoria customers for first market May 18! It's going to be a great season

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