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So how do you get our flowers? Great question! We are a seasonal business, operating between May and October. Our Online Store has our current offerings. We do pickup and deliveries to Canton-Lewistown-Havana, Tuesday - Thursday and sell at the Peoria Riverfront Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Florals for special events, including weddings and funeral arrangements, available upon request--we can accommodate any budget! Thank you!


Million Dollar view! Stargazer and birdwatcher dream! Stay in this whimsical tiny cabin tucked in the woods in the corner of a chemical free flower farm. The farm sits on a bluff overlooking the Illinois and Spoon River Valleys.  Feel free to explore the property or strap a kayak to the car and drive down to Emiquon to explore the wetlands. Keep the car parked and hike the trails at Dickson Mounds State Park just across the street. We aim to provide an affordable, safe space for people to feel free to be themselves and enjoy nature. Chill Vibes.


Black Sheep Farm is a working flower farm perched on the bluffs of the Illinois River. Beyond growing high quality, chemical-free cut flowers, we provide glamping accommodations for people who enjoy being immersed in nature. Surrounded by flower fields, with a beautiful view of restored prairies and wetlands, our guests are welcome to explore the natural beauty and rich history of the Spoon River Valley.

Ben has been landscaping, gardening, and growing organic vegetables and cut flowers in various parts of the country for over 15 years. In the winter, he works as a Freelance Florist in New Orleans and beyond, specializing in high-end weddings. His passion for nature has caused him to feel right at home on these beautiful bluffs.

As a New Orleans cabaret owner for 10 years, Dennis Monn built a unique, magical space from the ground up. The club became an institution for showcasing live performance in a city known for entertainment. A native of Lewistown, he is now using these skills to turn our flower farm into a unique tourist destination. 


July 6, 2023

Here we are on the other side of a drought that lasted nearly as long as our planting season. It was rough, as we grow most of our flowers in the field and rely on rain. We are popping in some last minute seeds to try to improve our fall, and we're extremely grateful for 5 days of on-and-off rain, the perfect way to saturate the soil.

Casual Bouquets and Stunning Arrangements are on the webshop. We do deliveries to Canton, WeeMaTuk and Havana EVERY TUESDAY!

Check us out at the Riverfront Farmer's Market in Peoria Saturdays through September. I just made a beautiful silkscreen for our merch, and can't wait to start printing shirts and canvas bags for y'all!

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