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So how do you get our flowers? Great question! We are a seasonal business, operating between May and October, with evergreen sales in November. Our Online Store has our current offerings. We do pickup and deliveries to Canton-Lewistown-Havana Tuesday - Thursday and sell at the Peoria Riverfront Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Florals for special events, including weddings and funeral arrangements, available upon request--we can accommodate any budget! Thank you!


The farm sits on a bluff overlooking Emiquon Nature Preserve and the bottom of the Spoon River Valley, an area rich in history and natural beauty. Our glamping accommodations include a round bell tent with a bed, a solar panel to plug in your phones, solar fan, grill, hammock and new flush toilets. Come stay!


Black Sheep Farm is a working flower farm perched on the bluffs of the Illinois River. Beyond growing high quality, chemical-free cut flowers, we provide glamping accommodations for people who enjoy being immersed in nature. Surrounded by flower fields, with a beautiful view of restored prairies and wetlands, our guests are welcome to explore the natural beauty and rich history of the Spoon River Valley.

Ben has been landscaping, gardening, and growing organic vegetables for over a decade, most recently learning the ropes of cut-flower production as the Garden Manager at Pistil & Stamen, a farmer florist operation that specializes in high-end weddings. His passion for nature has caused him to feel right at home on these beautiful bluffs.

As a New Orleans cabaret owner for 10 years (AllWays Lounge), Dennis built a unique, magical space from the ground up. The club became an institution for showcasing live performance in a city known for entertainment. A native of Lewistown, he is now using these skills to turn our flower farm into a unique tourist destination. 


December 9, 2021

We are back in New Orleans. I jumped into the middle of a busy wedding season, doing freelance florist work for my friends Pistil & Stamen. We have been working on our house and yard down here, and now itś time to start getting all the plant and seed orders in for our 2022 season! Flower Shares are up on the website, delivery and pick up options, for folks in Fulton County (Lewistown to Canton and points in between). I will be back in a couple months to start planting, and Dennis will joining a little later when itś time to get the glamping going. This past fall, I put in a bunch of perennials and am doing some experiments with overwintering. I have learned the key to a good early season is what you did the previous fall! Always looking forward! Keep warm.